Forum FAQ - Community feedback initiative

Community feedback initiative

This guide will guide you on how to provide feedback.
This document is part of our beginners guide.

All feedback is gathered in our internal ideas tracker to be carefully considered by our Product Managers.

We love community feedback! :heart:

See below to learn how you can help us improve our products :slight_smile:

Directly in UiPath Studio

The easiest and the quickest way is provide feedback is directly in UiPath Studio:

This is also the best way to report bugs in our software.

Please see here to learn how to create a nice bug report :slight_smile:

Using our User Voice Forum category

If you would rather discuss your idea with other users, you can do so in our dedicated #user-voice category. It has a subcategory for a few products as well as space for all other products.

After submission, your idea will be processed by Forum Staff and moved to our internal ideas tracker to be considered by our Product Team. When that happens, a yellow CONSIDERING tag will be added to the topic.

When your idea is implemented, the topic will be marked with a green COMPLETED tag.

Insider Preview Portal

If you are UiPath customer, you can join our Insider Portal to get access to early builds of new features and updates. It is an exclusive opportunity to give feedback on our latest innovations.

You can learn more about it here.

Connect ProductBoard portal

It is also possible to directly influence the roadmap of our UiPath Connect platform. Feel free to navigate here to be able to comment on future features and/or submit your own original idea on how we can improve our platform!

Support for Enterprise Customers

If you are our customer, you can also contact us directly via our contact form here:

Support tickets created this way will have higher priority and will allow you to directly follow-up on the issue.