#FeatureBlog - 19.7 - Send feedback or report bugs directly from Studio

New features are exciting! :slight_smile: That is why we want to let you know you can now send your feedback or report the nasty bugs directly from UiPath Studio. It has never been easier!

What’s new?

You can now go to the top right corner of the Studio ribbon and click here to send your feedback directly to our product team:

They appreciate all the input, as it ultimately allows them to improve your experience with our software :slight_smile:

Submitting an idea

1. First click on Submit an idea
2. Then, select the category that best fits your idea:
In this example, we will go with Studio.
3. Give your idea a clear title and description:
4. (optional) Feel free to attach some files as attachments. Just don’t go over the limit :slight_smile:
5. ClickSend and you are good to go. Thank you for your contribution!

Submitting a bug

1. First click on Submit a bug
2. Then, select the element of our software that has a bug:
3. Explain your bug clearly and provide steps to reproduce it
4. (optional) Feel free to zip your entire project and add it as attachment. Just don’t go over the limit :slight_smile:
5. Click Send and you are good to go. Thank you for your contribution!

That’s it for this #PreviewBlog

For more information, you can also check our documentation of this feature available here.

Please provide your valuable feedback about this feature! Our product team is hungry to build upon the basic functionalities so feed them your ideas :slight_smile:

Don’t be shy, click on image and tell us what you think or do it directly from Studio image !
As always, thank you for reading and happy automating!


This is good … Will report in case of issues.


Really very nice. Now the forum things are integrated in the studio. Very good .Very nice.

Great feature.

The great thing is Call stack , local and watch window feature.



This is great :smiley: in this way we can easily fulfilled the issue to help the community as it best :smiley:

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


Hey @loginerror

I think this is one step forward for a better product.
Having one system/platform catering the needs will minimize confusion of many users.
It’s just like having single sign-on for all UiPath platforms.

Thanks and regards,



Can you please check fix this bug Asap.

Dear Experts,




That’s a cool new feature. Awesome!

@loginerror - Cool new features! I have a question about the bug/improvement submission and how it gets handled after you hit send. Does this get added to a public list in the case of improvements? Does this somehow connect to the idea votes in the forum? Is there a way to see bugs you’ve previously submitted and a status or something similar?

Hi @AWoz

For now, when you submit a bug/suggestion, it gets to our internal tool (in their own space).

For now there is no integration between Forum and Studio, but I know @mircea is considering this.

Not for now, I think mainly for privacy reasons. And because we don’t have yet an authentication in Studio.

Again, Mircea can confirm this and give more details if needed.


Hi @ovi,

Thanks for the update!

Actually without feedback and/or possibility to check status of reported issue this is only half way through.



Hi @loginerror

I reported the bug via studio but didnt get any response yet.



Hi @Prafull_B

Thank you for your submission. It was well received, it is just that this feature only works one way for now. We are working on improving it further though so that you can better keep track of your submissions and their statuses :slight_smile:


Help ¡¡¡does not allow opening any automation the Uipath tool reports that “an internal error has occurred, it is recommended to restart Uipath studio”
Good evening I request your advice since until yesterday it is working ok but today when I open any automation that I had already done I get the error of the screenshot “an internal error has occurred, it is recommended to restart uipath studio”
I uninstalled it and deleted all your traces from the C: // disk from all its routes to vlaidar that when I reinstalled it it will be installed completely from 0 but despite that I still get the same error I don’t know why until yesterday 10/14 / 2020 worked ok
I have windos10 to which no maintenance update has been done since the pc is new and uipath was working ok
I have Uipath studio Pro 2020 10.0 Comunity
Restart the uipath as requested by the error
I already reinstalled it but it throws me the same error …
Download the LOGs and the details of the error … if someone can help me since it no longer opens any automation that I have for this error (I attach the screenshots and the txt of the uipath error)Detalles.txt (11.7 KB)

Hi @Ruben_Salazar

Does a simple computer restart after the fresh installation help you resolve the issue? Have you tried installing the latest 2022.4 version?

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