Forum FAQ - UiPath SSO login for all our services

UiPath SSO login for all our services

This document is part of our beginners guide.

This article covers all scenarios you might encounter when using our UiPath SSO login on our different platforms.

What is UiPath SSO login?

UiPath SSO login is used to authenticate your activity across all our services. This makes it easy for you to use our products, to learn from our free Academy and to engage other users on our Forum or our Connect platform.

The UiPath SSO comes from an account on our Cloud Platform ( The same account is also directly used on our

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change the email of that source account. **This means that you cannot change your email that you use on or

Managing your UiPath SSO account

Workarounds for UiPath servies that do not allow you to change your email

Cloud Platform

If you want to keep using the same Cloud Platform account but authenticate with a new email address, you can invite your other email to be an administrator of both Cloud Platform as well as your Community Orchestrator instance.

This way you can get access to your old resources without the need to copy everything over to your new account.

See how to manage your Cloud Platform accounts here:

UiPath Connect

For you would need to create a new account. This means that your components on the Marketplace or followers cannot be transferred to another account. The rest of your user data, such as Forum badges or Academy progress is fetched from our other platforms (mainly, Forum, Academy and old Certification.

This way even your fresh account will sync everything nicely, as long as the email will be changed on these other platforms.

See below how to change your email on each UiPath service that allows that

And this brings us to the other platforms that work a bit differently and do allow you to change the email. It is possible because these services only use UiPath SSO for authentication, while storing their own user data.

Basically, for these three platforms (Forum, Academy and old Certification), you can authenticate with your UiPath SSO account and as long as the email of that UiPath SSO account matches the one on the site you are logging in to, it will log you in to the correct user.

Changing your Forum email

You can change the email of your Forum account in your Forum user preferences. After you verified the new email on the Forum, you will be able to log in to that account with the UiPath SSO account with a matching email.
This will only work out-of-the-box if your second email is not already associated with another UiPath SSO account on our Forum (this could have happened if you have previously made a new user with your other email on the Forum).
For those situations, please contact us at @Forum_Staff and we will either remove the other Forum user or remove the association to the UiPath SSO account for the other email.

Changing your Academy email

You can change the email in your Academy user preferences.
In case you encounter any issues, please contact our Academy Support .

Changing your old Certification email

For that, you will have to ask our Academy Support .

UiPath SSO and browser session

The authentication session is shared between the platforms. If you happen to be logged in on and you then try to login to Forum, it will take over your current session and log you in to the Forum user that matches your

This might not be desired if you try to work with two different accounts.
For that, there are two solutions:

  1. Before accessing the Forum, log out of your account on

  2. Use a browser with two different profiles, i.e. Chrome.

Known issues

  1. If you used any of the available social logins (Google, LinkedIn or Microsoft) to log in to your account, you will no longer be able to use basic authentication (email/password). This is a security measure.

    As such, the password reset form will not do anything and will silently fail -> you will not receive a password reset link
    (our team is working on improving your experience in this regard).

  2. In a rare scenario the authentication service may throw an exception upon login attempt. The outcome is that your account will be locked and any attempt to log in will return “Authorization failed” message (irregardless of the platform, be it Forum, Connect, Academy, or other ones :open_mouth:)
    If it happens to you, do not hesitate to contact our Cloud Platform support. They will be able to sort it out for you :slight_smile:
    You can contact our Cloud Platform team here:

Please let us know if you encounter any other issues.


@loginerror Is this the only way :sweat_smile: Is there no way to transfer our Components back to us ?

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Hi @supermanPunch

Feel free to contact our Connect team via the support form available on Connect. There might be more options by now that are available on a case by case basis.

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@loginerror I have done this already and have sent a request tickets to all the platforms, Connect, Academy and Cloud Paltform.

I have done this as well, Is there anything else to be done, I just fear my data that I have got till now is going to be lost :sweat_smile:

I don’t think you should fear your data being lost. The steps you took should be enough.

@loginerror Yes. The Cloud, Academy, Certification accounts were migrated to my new mail ID, and that was all possible thanks to the Support provided by the respective Portals Support members. I am very grateful to them :blush:

But I have still not received any information on the Connect Profile Migration :sweat_smile:

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