Install UiPath Robot

Hi everyone,

I know that there were many questions similar but i couldn’t find my answer… I want to install only UiPath Robot. I understood that I can do that with a .msi installer and i saw the doc Installing the Robot but still… I didn’t succeed to install the robot solo without the studio.

can someone please share the link and the steps to download it and use it or launch it ??

Thank you

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Have you followed all steps properly mentioned in the above thread or not ?

May i know where you got stuck ?

Hi @YaraZakaria

If you download Enterprise Edition have license use that one to install UiRobot alone.

Kommi Jeevan.

@kommijeevan I am using the community edition i don’t have license … i can’t do it for free ?

Community Edition I didn’t see to do download UiPath Studio and UiRobot seperatly.

@lakshman when i launched the exe file i didn’t get a window so i can uncheck the studio installation … it began the full installation immediately


Are you installing Community or Enterprise Edition of Uipath studio ?

And also may i know what file are you trying to install here ?

Kindly have a view on this thread

Cheers @YaraZakaria

@lakshman I’m instaling Community Edition because it is free and i don’t have a liscence …
my target is to install only the robot. the file that i have is UiPathStudioSetup.exe

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Community Edition by default it will provide both studio and Robot. And also we don’t have any option to install only robot for this edition.

If you want to install Robot only then you have to go for Enterprise Edition.

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