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Hello I have looked at all the Uipath Forums to try to figure this out and I am lost.

Here is what I am trying to do I have variable: Trim_2 and I want to find the text of Trim_2 within a certain part of the page and click it. It changes position all the time and I can’t figure it out I believe it has to be click activity but what options do I put in?

Here is an example Variable: Trim_2 is “Lariat”

Here is the options I have for click activity

@Carlton_Morrissey please include strict selector as target method.

and uncheck native text? I apologize I am a newbie.

in strict selector do I just choose variable? So it looks like this?

Yes,uncheck native text and use variable in strict indicate element on screen option in click activity and choose selector.Select a particular element on a browser

@Carlton_Morrissey can you show me what the fuzzy selector looks like?

if there is text under the “InnerText” field, you can try replace that with Trim_2 by typing {{Trim_2}} into the “InnerText” field

then it will look for the element that contains “Trim2”

For example in the above scenario i captured the “User options” button, and the fuzzy selector automatically set “InnerText” field to equal “User Options”
if i change that field to trim_2 variable and set trim_2 to equal “Vendors”, it will click on "Vendors: button instead

Hi @Carlton_Morrissey

You can try with anchor base activity

In the LHS you can use find text position activity

RHS use click activity


Jack this feels like it is on the correct track the only things is that when it has the text it works correct when I use set variable and set Trim_2 to the same text it can not find it the only thing that changed was the fuzzy selector any ideas?

Hey Gokul001 this sounds like it would work great but I cant find the Anchor Base Activity. To be honest I am a complete noob so I appreciate your patience, any ideas?

I tried looking this up, no results

Try to upgrade the UiPath.system.activity to the latest version 22.10.3 and check it @Carlton_Morrissey

Check out this document

I figured it out. its not in studioX its considered classic so its only in studio

Hi @Carlton_Morrissey

In the activities panel you cal find the filter option click that

You can find show classic option click that and check it.

this is working great. One last question How to I limit so that it is only searching part of the page because there is 9 instants where trim_2 pops up but is there a way to tell UIpath to focus on just one DIV?

can you try delete this part? (id=‘…’)

Great @Carlton_Morrissey

Kindly close this topic by mark as solved. It will help for others too.


this worked thank you

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no problem, good luck :slight_smile:

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