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Hello, I have a variable value (order number) in the project’s excel file and I need to find said varible in a list of items displayed in a browser.

Example: I need to find and click the follwing value: O-20-19797-PRF-002

from this list:

As you can see it’s in third place, but I cannot find an activity to “find and click” that element. Please help!


Hy @Elias_Lemu,

Just open the website and click in any random order number and check the selector.
There has got to be a direct reference to the order number, just right click it => Convert to variable and pass a variable to it.


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Hi William,

Thanks for the reply. That’s the thing, how do I convert it to a variable indicating the value of that variable to be at a certain cell in the excel file?

Hy @Elias_Lemu,

To do that:

  • Read your excel file using the ‘read range’ activity inside Excel Scope. This activity generates a data table
  • Loop through the Data Table using the ‘For each row’ Activity, populate the variable using '‘Assign activity’
    MyOrderNumber = row(“OrderNumber”).toString

There you have it :slight_smile:
Is it clear for you?

Hmm I’m afraid I don’t have ‘read range’ activity in Studio X. Any workarounds for Studio X?

Hy @Elias_Lemu, soory I did not know you were using the Studio X :frowning:

In Studio X you must use the for Excel each excel row in excel scope, ok?


I’m afraid not. I’ll redefine the issue. I need to click on an element as if I was using a “select item” activity.

A select item activity has a certain text or variable that will search for from a list of options on the screen and click then on it. I need to get the same effect as if it was a select activity, but with a click activity.

My issue again in other words: I have a list of elements on the screen that are unrelated with each other and I need to have one of them clicked on. Said element will vary depending on the results from an Excel file, so the bot will not have to always click on the same element. Elements to be clicked on will vary. This is the variable part I’m not able to do in StudioX.


Can you share the screen sample? also the selector of the element


Yes, I need to have it find and click this element:

from this list in Chrome:

The selector is the issue here. I cannot make it a variable selector to match what it is stored in the Excel cell.

If I use a typical “click” activity, it will only click on an element for that selector as shown here:


Is there another way of configuring/coding the selector so it positions itself over the matching element to the Excel cell shown above?

PS: I tried using the “shortcuts” activity, typing in the text from Excel, then Escape and Enter, but the site only admits clicks to enter such element. So, no luck there either.


store your jobnumber in a variable, In selector text = ‘Place your variable’

So for each row job number changes the variable changes and it will click according to the variable dynamically

If you are facing issue please let me know

Hope this helps


Yes, I could create the variable ‘projectname’, but when I try to place it it does not recognize it.

I swtiched to Studio Pro, because I haven’t found a way of making a variable in Studio X at all. If there’s a way to the it here, let me know,


That is not variable, to insert variable, right click on the selector and you will get insert variable

Hope this works


I right click it, but nothing happens.

I’m using this version now:

This is still on the X profile, to change do like this:

And i would start over with a new project.

OK, I changed the profile, closed everything, reopened it and started a new project. I’m attaching the new project Test process click (78.1 KB) .

For the sake of simplicity in this example I need the selector to automatically look for an entry in the excel file, in this case: image
and then click using a browser click on the corresponding entry:

I could create all activities and the variable, but I still cannot link the click activity to the variable.


Check attached, you could find in click activity, if you click on Edit Selector, you can see that countryname is added to your selector

Test process click (23.5 KB)

I recommend you please go through some academy videos or training videos to understand these concepts


Hi @ksrinu070184!

Thank you for the sample. I can see now my error. I’ll certainly check the Academy videos, thanks for the advice.

Have a great week,

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