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Good day all,
I am new to the UIPath environment and are challenged with the following scenario. I have this webpage and reading from an excel file, I want to find the corresponding hyperlink based on the text and click on that hyperlink. From there I am deleting the item. If there is a solution to searching for the text and clicking on the ‘bin’ as well that is also acceptable.

I used another forum topic hence the Click text activity but it does not work.
Any help will be appreciated

What I currently have in my click text activity UIExplorer etc

Use IE for this activity. check the attache file
Example.xaml (14.2 KB)

@Areej_fatima Thank you for this. It works…but…
I am implementing the process iteratively (searching, clicking, deleting) so it works for the 1st time because it picks up the text in the image I guess? But come the next iteration, the text changes and the position changes as it is lying at a different place in the list. For example iteration 1 would be ‘x’ and far down in the list and in iteration 2 it would be ‘y’ and be first in the list. Is there a solution?
Sorry I am sending the layout of the webpage now as I am only allowed 1 image at a time in posts as a newbie. Maybe there is a better solution now that you can see.

Hello @Morra101

Did you tried with Click Text activity? If not give it a try.

Other wise you can make the selector dynamci by passing the proper value to the variable and pass that variable to the selector.


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Yes I have tried Click text activity and it errors out “Text not found” but the text is clearly there. A screenshot below maybe my selector is wrong if you can guide me please. I selected the whole screen and ‘delete’ is a variable I assign CurrentRow.Item(1).toString to.

Or if you can guide me how to make my selector dynamic for the click image activity.

All, I have found the solution with some endurance. So:
First of all the place where you select your element. I am not sure if it will be the same across the board for everyone as well but if you have the class webctrl in your selector with the assigned value is below it should work.
Then what I picked up was that my cursor was moving but not far enough to click. So in the properties pane, there is a OffsetX and OffsetY section. Play around with this to force the cursor to move the extra bit needed. In my case I ended up with setting my OffsetY to “-20”.

Thanks to all that tried to help!

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