How to click on a text after searching it?

I have used hotkey CTRL+F to search for the desired string and it got highlighted
Now I am unable to figure out how to click that
I have used click text activity after searching the string but it didn’t work

@Sami_Rajput why you need to click?is it clickable element?


In many case, we can use Click activity with dynamic selectors. Can you try this?
If you have any problem, can you share it?


@sangeethaneelavannan1 yes its a clickable element

@Sami_Rajput You can pass the string in selector of click activity itself

Hi @Sami_Rajput

You can try with Find Text Position activity and followed by Click activity

Check out the image to better understanding


It didn’t work!

Can you share the screenshot ? @Sami_Rajput

I have passes the UIElement output from FindText to Click (Element) @Gokul001

It is a webpage? @Sami_Rajput

@Gokul001 Yes, It’s a webpage (Particularly a list on a webpage but there is no search or filter option to click on this)

Hi @Sami_Rajput

Can you screen the error message and the selector.

You need to indicate the whole screen in the Find text position activity Have you done like that?


this is the selector of find text element and then I have removed the selector from Click activity and entered the output from UIElement in to Click Activity element property

There is no error message as such!

Hi @Sami_Rajput

Add this as a next line in current selector and then directly try using click

<wectrl tag='LI' innertext='*Testing*' />

You can try removing stars if that works


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