File and Folder Automation with StudioX - Organize Your Local Drive

Some of us have that folder on Desktop where all the files go when Desktop gets too crowded. You might have it too!
How would you integrate what you learned in this Milestone about working with files and folders in your automation projects?

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This project has some bug and really dangerous behaviour. Be careful!. When you have a folder plenty of different extension file, the robot moves all the known extensions correctly but attention!!, it completely removes from the system the unknown extensions!!. It is supposed to just move the files with the specified extensiones, but magicaly, the project notebook processes all the files and remove the rest!. This is a serious bug!

Hi Maria,

The process is configured to delete the files that are not .png, .pptx, .xlsx or .pdf. You can see it in the Default case of the Switch activity.

So, no. The project has no bugs. It’s simply configured to follow that logic.


I’m not using the switch activity and moving file is not working even i follow the step by step process.

I used a completely different approach which did seem to work. I didn’t use Switch at all.
I don’t know how visible this image will be. it is only the creation of the sub-folders and the processing of the files. I used the extension of the file name as a check if the folder exists and only had one variable. There may be underlying problems I am not aware of

I had some very strange behaviour when trying to do the first exercise of renaming files. The change of name didn’t seem to happen until I moved the files. I used Messages to track behaviour. When I tried to select the Full Name option from the Project Notebook I was given an option of FullFileName_Input. I don’t know if this created problems but I spent a lot of time on trying to figure out how the rename worked (I did google and look at forums) until I decided to just try moving on to the move file, and then the rename seemed to work.