Milestone 3 - Working with Files and Folders

Some of us have that folder on Desktop where all the files go when Desktop gets too crowded. You might have it too!
How would you integrate what you learned in this Milestone about working with files and folders in your automation projects?

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I might use this to automatically sort and move documents I receive as attachments on a periodic basis to respective folders.


I found the Files and Folders tasks quite tricky and had some trouble with the Project Workbook.


I did my Robot, but it can only move 1 of each file… I checked the solution and mine is similar

This one stumped me with the first step. Going to try it again when my brain is fresh, Monday morning. :slight_smile:

No better way to say it - this one is hard!

Finally, I’ll keep that bot to do the cleanup of my Downloads-folder from now on :smiley:

Struggled at first a bit, but going back to the lesson gave me an idea on how to do it. Glad to report it worked!

Hi Luís, I was having the same problem. I realized that my “move file” action was inside the “If folder doesn’t exist”. Once I moved it to outside, the problem was resolved. Perhaps this could help you.

This was a fun exercise

Thank you Antonio, that was my issue as well :smiley:

this is Hard and the Project Notebook is not quite fully explained.

I was able to complete this practice but I used multiple if-else loops instead of a switch. This was a fun one!

Going to Project Notebook excel to rename the file is not a right way I guess, UiPath should provide a component which renames the files\folders accordingly, so that people don’t use project Notebook excel.

Just a suggestion for further updates.

The activity calls for you to use a switch activity but if you just refer to the notebook File extension you can really simplify this with a single If statement for if the folder already exists. No need to set up any cases to try and account for every filetype you may come across. i.e. “If folder exists” C:"Path"[Notes]File!FileExtension

Hi all! I agree with those who chose not to go with the Scenarios - it works much better IMHO if you simply reference the file extension, not to mention that you’re using automation rahter than manual work (hint hint nudge nudge). If you use the File Extension property from CurrentFile, your folder names will be preceeded by a dot, but you can overcome that if you use Write Cell to copy the file path & name into the project notebook, then use the Extension property from it.

I found this one tricky. Might have to try and get some help from my husband or colleague. I get a bit confused when my file path is different to the example.