File and Folder Automation in StudioX - Course Reflection

Learning, then reflection. It’s the peanut butter and jelly of personal growth. One without the other just doesn’t make sense.

In the replies section, share your experience with the File and Folder Automation in StudioX course with other learners. It will help you bring something internal—your learning—into the open. It’s useful because learning isn’t always easy, and it shouldn’t be. But you are not alone in this journey. There are thousands of learners who can support you!

Take advantage of this opportunity to get closure and to learn from other learners’ experiences.

Share with your community of learners what were the aha! moments and how will you apply what you learned to your work?


I love the course , It’s challenging. Although I am not as confident as I have been with previous courses. But I guess it only shows am improving and moving into complex automations.

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I also felt less confident about the material covered in this module. I was less engaged with file management, so it took me a few tries to pass the test.

Topic by topic RPA is increasing my interest to learn more

I have learned the important distinction between “Full Name” and just “Name”. Full Name is the full path, including extension. Also learned about filters in Select File. Great lesson!

I thought this section was too difficult for the beginning stages and something that should’ve been discussed later. I was really frustrated with this section.

This particular course was difficult for me. Which was surprising because I thought I was starting to get the hang of it all. There were missing solutions, so I felt a bit lost.

This section (File and Folder Automation) is difficult to understand. More practice is required to absorb the whole concept.

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I liked this part of the course. I managed to do the examples correctly using only the PDF file. I really like this course because you learn many types of automation that practically make your work easier and you gain a lot of time that you can allocate to other activities.

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This course was difficult for me. I thought I was starting to get the hang of it all and was gaining a little more confidence but I got stuck when I tried to use the same folder from the previous practice. Also I got stuck on the last Check Your Knowledge.

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This was the most difficult part so far for me to grasp. I still struggle with the concept, maybe because my job doesn’t reflect anything like this. I am sure that it is a necessary part of the learning process, but rather frustrating for me.

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It is very fun but also challanging. I not that in my twinties anymore but in my forties and I have to struggle a bit to understand everything. The information is good though but I fin the test hard. Some probably don’t but I struggle to see all the stuff that could be right, ir wrong.

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I’ve learned a lot from this course namely, file and folder automation ,renaming, extracting folders. The part that was difficult was the text to right/left activity. This would be great in file management.

I am the style of covering the topics very intuitive. I am able to pick up the concepts easily. The user docs seem to contain lot of information. May be this info will be useful for developing complex processes

It’s very interesting

Certainly very interesting. One need to be careful when renaming file and folders.

The course is great

Amazing course to start with RPA. Loving more.

Love the RPA training this was very interesting and eager to learn more. The most difficult was the hands-on piece of the course. Some of the interactions did not corollate with what I had in StudioX made it hard to complete the steps.

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