Help and Explanation File and Folder Automation

I am in the course “file and folder automation with studioX”.
I was confused by this activity, can you please explain to me.

Video below automation.

Hi @edu141415 … What exactly you are confused with??

Your questions was not clear…could you please clarify…

1: what to write: I understand that he will write the full path.
I understand that he will write the full path on the notepad.

2 Move File: I understand that the file is moved from place to place and a folder has been created.

I can’t see when the file rename occurred.

I didn’t understand why it was necessary to write the full path on the notepad.

I live in brazil and the year was not displaying correctly in excel notepad. I had to go to the control panel, region and move to the United States so that the year was displayed correctly.

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  1. You can see, since I ran the job today, it took today’s day and add it to original file name.

It takes the name from your “Project_Notebook.xlsx” file(This I already told you in my previous post)

  1. Where you are living is doesn’t matter , if you use the excel formula correctly as per the video…please check your project notebook and make sure whether you have added the formula as shown below(as per the video)…

If you all the steps corrects then it will produce correct results.

Your explanation in item 3 was annoying, when I read it it seemed that you were doubting me. I mentioned a problem to you and you say there is no problem.
I recorded it, the evidence is below.

The year is only appearing after I changed the region of the Brazil date pattern to the United States.
When I mentioned this subject, I was giving the problem and the solution to the Brazilians who did the training.

@edu141415 - Nope…not at all…Everyone does mistakes, so I thought sometimes people do miss something, that’s why I said…

I didnt know, brazil has this problem…let me search this forum on this…

@studioX @AndrewHall … Could you please look into @edu141415’s point …

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Yes, there was a known problem with date formatting in Excel with older versions of the Project_Notebook due to the way Excel automation APIs behave (when run, they ignore your system formatting and always tell Excel to use en_us for the format), when did you create this project? Starting with 20.10 the desired Date Format is stored as a field in the Excel file rather than relying on the default format of the system


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