#FeatureBlog - 18.4 - Save as Template

Customization is one step closer to making your automations easier due to this feature.

You can Save as Template either a Process or a Library. You may wonder how does this help you?

  • Create a custom process or library with a particular set of package dependencies
  • Create a full custom project template with workflows included
  • Essentially you can create your own custom REFramework directly from Studio.
  • Templates are of 2 kinds: Library template and Process template
  • Upgrading Studio keeps all your preferences

Let’s see an example: after creating your process that will be a template, you just click on Save as Template.

The following modal dialog will show up asking for details about your future-to-be-template:

Done! You can now see your saved template in the Studio Backstage:

Now the next time you want to create a Process based on your own template, just start from there. And the Name and Description will be the Default Project Name and Default Project Description that you have set initially when you created the template.

The same built-in templates will still exist and cannot be removed, but your custom ones can.

Tell us what you think, how would you improve this and how do you plan to use this feature. I’ll break the ice by saying that i would like to be able to share these templates with my colleagues in the future. There, i’ve said it! What else? :slight_smile:

All the best!

Your team @ UiPath


Good job with the feature, definitely useful.

What would you think of having a similar feature (or even modifying this one) to create Template based only in one workflow?

You could later the “New” Button to create a file based on this template, the same way you are doing it for Sequences, Flowchart etc…


It is typical to use automation templates to build our workflow (ex: Components, process) and it would have an even bigger impact than the current feature, used only once, during the project creation.

You could expose two types of templates creation:

  • Workflow templates
  • Project Templates

A Workflow template would be used quite many times during the project.



Great, I am sure this is certainly a very useful feature for all the users :clap::clap:


I assume a custom template will only appear in your local studio? Can this easily be shared in a team?

Not easy right now. Only via manual copy. But sharing is next. Thanks!

Hi @mircea and UiPath Team.

This is really a nice feature. We don’t want to create the process files again and again. Really amazing. It saves time and work. great :clap: :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


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Hi @mircea

Definitely a great feature but I am struggling to find the location where these custom templates are getting saved, can you please help me with this ?

Thank You

Hi @madaan_parul

See here:


Thanks @loginerror

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Hi there,

any way to change that path via a setting?
I want to “deploy” the template to multiple machines where studio is installed and use a shared folder as a source for the template.

Many regards

Hi @Simon21

Welcome back!

I don’t think it is currently possible, but I added your suggestion to the tracker for it to be considered by our team for future versions :slight_smile:


my studio version is 2018.3.2 and I tried to copy a project as a template in the ProjectTemplate but unfortunately, the copied template is not show up in the studio. how to fix it?



Since this is an old topic, I was wondering if it has been already implemented the option of sharing a project template with an RPA dev team?

Thank you for your feedback,

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Hi @Iulia

I believe it is currently being worked on. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Was this feature removed for version 2020.10.2? The button isn’t visible and I’m unsure of how to save as a template any other way.

Thanks in advance

You should see the “export as template button”, but also another way is the new project type, instead of starting from Blank Task or REFramework, you start a template, check “creating a template” documentation: Project Templates


It looks great as usual. Thank you so much for sharing. I would like to make a new template for one of my website I created a few weeks ago. Can you please help me here?