How to easily Edit Templates

Studio Version: 2019.4.4

Hey, so I’ve created a number of template processes, and I’ve saved the workflows that they were created from, but in order to update these templates, it’s kind of a hassle. From my understanding, I have to go into the file I created the template from, make the edits I want to make, delete the old template, and then recreate it (including the template name, template description, default process name, default process description), this can be quite a pain.

I figured the Templates I had created would have been saved over to the C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Templates folder, but that is not the case, only the base Templates that come with UiPath are there for me as well as a few that are not visible within my “New From Templates” List (Agent Process Improvement, Blank, Blank Library, Business Project, Robotic Enterprise Framework, and Simple Process).

Of the ones that are visible to me, it seems the files reference the options you have for starting processes like the following:
-Blank > Process
-Blank Library > Library
-Agent Process Improvement > Agent Process Improvement
-Robotic Enterprise Framework > Robotic Enterprise Framework

Here is the view I have when attempting to start a new process in Studio:

Is there a way I can store my templates in there and have them reference that file when creating a project from the image above? That way if I ever need to update the template with something small like a updating a dependency to a best-practice version, I don’t have to jump through the hoops of creating it, I can just go into the template file, change the dependency, save it, and when I create a template from it again, it will reference that same directory with the template that has the updated dependencies and I can just go from there?


@mike.vansickle After you have created the Workflows, Did you use the “Save As Template” Option in the Design Ribbon?

Yes but as mentioned, once I’ve done this, it seems there is no easy way to update the saved template without having to delete the template, and save it again, entering in all the same information over again. Is there no way to update the existing saved template?

@mike.vansickle Ohh :sweat_smile: In that case I don’t think so there is another way. You can use the template created by you before, Update it. Save it as Template. Delete the Old Template

@mike.vansickle The Templates that I have created were in this Folder Path :

If you do find it. Maybe changing the workflow there might be another way. Have not tried it though :sweat_smile: