Reuse Workflow


I need to resuse a workflow over different automation projects, like say login to particular URL. Now Do I need to create this workflow as library/Template? I am aware of Object Repo, pls suggest other than this. It could be better like snippet not as an activity.



I think you have to plan when and where you will use it again.

In my opinion, it’s better to use the library template, it is easy to use, you can control and update the package version. Also, you can publish it to Orchestrator and, from there, add it to other projects. Additionally, for example, you can create a library with many activities related to the same URL or program.

Another option is to save locally in a folder the workflow and the robot can invoke it when needed.

I wouldn’t use a snippet in this case.

regards, Gio

Thanks, I create it has custom template and use it to any project. If I update the template later, Is it possible to update the project also?