"Export as Template" is missing / 2020.10

Hi everyone,

I just recently update to the Studio 2020.10 version and from that on I am missing in den “DESIGN” panel the button “Export as Template” as I had it in the 2019er version.

Here is a screenshot of my panel:

How can I achieve to export a project as a new template in the 2020.10 version?

I already read this help page

but there is also the button, that I do not have or can not find ;), mentioned.

Thanks for any input and help.



If your project is Template or Library, “Export as Template” or “Save as Template” doesn’t exist in ribbon menu. Can you create Process type project then check it?


Hi @Yoichi ,
thanks for your feedback and when I start in the Studio fromthe scratch with a new prcoess the button is visible/there and I can export it afterwards as a template. :+1:

So far so good, but how then can I migrate my existing templates fromthe 2019 version to use them also as templates in the 2020 version?
To create them newly direct from scratch would be an enormous effort. I still have them on my hdd :wink:

Do you have also an idea/solution to this question? :thinking:



Can you try to publish the template? in 2020.10, we can use template from nupkg in Templates tab.



Hi @Yoichi
thanks for tip with the “Templates” menu option, which I did not see til your tip and also thank your for the link and there I found out, that the folder for the templates (may have) changed from 2019 to 2020.

Because with the 2019 version my template where located here

and in the link you mentioned the folder is

And as this folder inital did not exist on my machine I first created it and change the location in the settings tab.

But the result stays the same, that I “just” have one older version of my template in the “local” section. See here:

And I do not know from which folder this template is shown in the Studio, because the display does not change even if I change the folder in den settings tab for the template location:

Do you have any additional advise for me? :thinking:

Thanks again. :wink: