Unable to integrate Robotic Enterpirise Framework

Dear Team,
Iam unable to integrate REFramework form GitHub to Studio,can someone please give me a Step by Step info on how to do the same…Truly Appreciate your Support

Thanks, Husain

hi @husaindxb27,

Can u elaborate your issue, so we can understand more clearly


If you are willing to use the Classic ReFramework, It is available as starting template from Studio directly since couple of versions.

Does this help?

In case you are willing to use the last version of ReFrawork (Enhanced ReFramework), you could take advantage of the “Save as Template” feature currently in Beta and Community Studio’s.

That is not available on the stable version though

Step by step explanation is available bellow.


There is no need of GitHub, as @Florent_Salendres suggested - go to start in ui-path studio and select Robotics Enterprise Framework . Provide name and you are ready to work.


Thank you Bro…you made my day…Thank you again!

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Yes, It helped, Thank you for your message

Hey Harsh, Thank you so much for your response, I got it solved…courtesy Florent_Sanders….

Please go ahead and mark response as solution . :slight_smile:


Dear, need your help again…Iam unable to access the Config file…Iam using REFramework inbuilt in Studio…Please help me with the path to acess the Config file…Iam completing assignment level3

It is within the project folder, under the Data Subfolder.

You can access the project folder Click this icon on the Project panel (usually on the top left of Studio)



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