2018.4 Community Beta Release



We’re accelerating! Studio v2018.4 beta is now available only in Community Edition, with a heap of new and highly wanted features! :sunglasses:

Halloween has just passed but we thought the party shouldn’t stop. Studio v2018.4 Beta brings a much-requested perk, :drum: :drum: :drum: the Dark Theme :bat: . The whole Studio UI has been painted black, with controls and panels endorsed in a darker shade to make it easier to automate workflows even in the wee hours of the night. A darker theme ensures no eye-straining and makes the whole UI look a bit more Batman-ish. Check it yourself! Go to Settings in Studio, choose Theme - Dark and restart Studio.

Aside from Studio having a brand new look, here are the new things on the functional side:

  • Save as Template - Furthering our customization goals, Studio now brings Save as Template. The functionality allows you to create your very own workflow templates, adding whichever activities packages you need or even building your own REFramework - why not? In this way, your custom process or library template is readily available in the Studio Backstage View. Neat, huh?

  • Global Exception Handler - The new template is aimed at generating a process to execute every time the workflow encounters an error. When an error occurs, the Global Exception Handler process steps in, cleans up the mess and then either continues, ignores, retries or aborts the execution altogether. Such a process is useful during debugging also, as it makes it easier to understand why an error occurred and how to manage it.

  • Source Control Repository Browser - Continuing the focus on source control integration and ease-of-use, Studio v2018.4 makes it more seamless to work on projects in TFS or SVN repositories. The new Repository Browser gives you a quick access to all projects in the location, allowing you to browse folders and peak inside them, all before checking out the project itself.

The Robot Tray / Agent also got some improvements:

  • Start Process from Commandline which will allow you to trigger processes via commandline
  • Pause and Resume a process
  • See Process Execution Status in tray

Orchestrator goodies:

There are many other features in the making and we will be announcing them once we go stable via release notes. In the meantime we will be creating separate posts for each of the above new features. Stay tuned!

If you’ve gotten this far you’re probably wondering how to get the fresh Studio v2018.4 Beta:

  • Switch to Beta channel available only in Community Edition and accessible from Help section - “Update channel” option.
  • Restart Studio
  • Please give us your feedback & questions in the 18.4 category. This way it’s easier for us to track it and for you to find your answers.

Happy times & Happy testing,
UiPath Product Team

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Any plans for a "Dark Mode" UiPath Studio?
Any plans for a "Dark Mode" UiPath Studio?
Dark Theme feedback - grey text on white background hard to read

I just switched and its amazing. :clap::clap: Kudos to the Team :clap::clap:

@richard.autry @bartierc - :beers: to the idea.

Studio(right now) - “Tell your friends, tell all your friends, I Am The Night! :bat:


@Theodore_Hijleh you may wanna check this one :joy:


Awesome!!! :clap::clap:
4th release this year and with the dark theme!!!:clap::clap::clap:


Told ya Halloween isn’t over :bat:


Dark Theme…All of things what I need😱


This is Aweosme!!!


Finally a wait is Over!!
DARK THEME :relaxed:



Oh gosh finally the dark theme,
this pace is incredible It feels like 2018.3 was yesterday and now 2018.4 way to go UiPath!! :bat::bat:


So many perks in a single package that too with a batman wow :bat: amazin work team


Hey @dineshary how can i get that?


See here:


Hey @UiPath Team,

Kudos …This is really awesome .Really Loved the Dark Theme.What an idea sir:clap:.

Thanks again,


I’m not finding that.


Restart. then only you will be in the 2018.4 Beta version.
Post that the option will come :slight_smile:


Got it thanks!


Any idea when this will come to enterprise edition?

Thanks :smiley: really keen to go dark theme!


We target one month. This year for sure if nothing unexpected.

How to update my uipath studio

The first attraction on this release is obviously the dark theme!! LOVE IT!! :heart: :heart: Kudos to the team :clap:
Finally UiPath on the league of dark themed apps on my desktop! :heart_eyes: :smile:


hey @nadim.warsi ,

I also tried to upgrade it to black theme in uipath…but i couldn’t .

I want to know the dervice id …how can i get it?