What templates have you created - looking for inspiration

Hi guys,

I’m in the process of creating a template for the whole company that is used for linear process and simplify the REFRamework a tiny bit.

What are templates you have created in the past that others and I could take inspiration from?


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Hey @GeraltDieSocke

There are a few, But to point out something specific.

  1. Dispatcher process which has a lot of common things

  2. Performer with report generation (mapping queue content with status in an excel for every transaction & mailing to stakeholders)


I created a template that reads config file, gets items from a queue, opens applications, processes the item, error handling, notifications, has thresholds for errors, and logging to Excel. It is set up to conform to all of our standards. It is much simpler than, and just as functional as, RE Framework - which I consider to be a giant overcomplicated mess.

Using this template all you have to do is create the new project, fill out the config file, create an asset that stores the location of the config file, and then code your process in the “Process Transaction” sequence along with the “Open Applications” steps.

With this template, I can produce production-ready automations in a matter of hours.

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I created an automation we call Generic Dispatcher. If you have a new process where you need to load Excel files into a queue, you create a Trigger for the Generic Dispatcher process and fill in the parameters to tell it file locations, sheet names, header names (which can be translated on the fly). which queue to load into etc.

Now we don’t have to write dispatcher processes for every project. We have one automation that handles all our dispatching for all our automations.

I also did the same for logging to Excel. Wrote an automation that pulls from a queue and writes to Excel. Items are added to its queue by all our other automations, and the queue items tell Generic Log where to write and what to write. Also wrote a custom activity (library) with a “Send to Generic Log” activity so all you have to do is drop it into your automation and fill out the properties (file location, file name, etc) and logging is done.

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