Extract multiple elements having the same anchor text

Hi I am a new UiPath studio user. I have an excel file with a list of websites. I am trying to build a flow that accesses every website link. Each website has the name of head coach and multiple assistant coaches. On the website the name of Head Coach is written above the text “Head Coach” and name of assistant coach over the word “Assistant Coach”. Can someone help me extract all these names and their designation into a one datatable. Input datatable is as follows:


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If you have the list of website then u can out them in an excel file and read it as a datatable dt
Then iterate through each row using for each row in datatable and open the link one by one
Now use table extraction method to get the data from those websites

Refer these threads where discussions happened on same note

Hope this helps

Cheers @Data_Wizard

This worked! Thank you very much @Palaniyappan :grin:

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