Getting links instead of text while extracting data table

I was trying to extract data from a table spanning multiple pages on a website. the extract data table activity in studioX does this perfectly however one of the columns has text that has hyperlink and I want to get the link instead of displayed text while extracting data table onto my excel sheet. is this possible? please help.

enable the extract URL property when using data scraping. This screenshot is from the uipath studio so im not sure about studioX

Hi Muaz,
Yes its possible in studioX, when you add the extract table in the table extraction wizard before clicking on add data you can click on the extract URL/Images option located on the top right corner which looks like 2 boxes joining each other in circle… after clicking this then you can proceed to click on add data. this is give 2 columns instead of 1 column where ever there is a hyper link present. this should solve your issue.

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Sorry that, I can’t see URL option in StudioX, can you please give more details about this function? thanks

This is for Studio, not StudioX.


That for Studio Pro new version
For that you can use Add Data and choose

Hope this may help you


I just test as what Abishek said, it works in StudioX.
This is the screenshot which I marked the step. Forget the ugly writing.
Step1. click the icon in the top right corner.
Step2.Clike Add data. Remember choose No when the question pop up.
Step3. Then you will get the result like this with two columns. The second one is the url.
Hope that works for you.