How do I **Extract Table Data** with hyperlinks from a webpage?

From the website above, I have extracted the table using the “Extract Table Data” activity and output to excel file below.

I would also like to copy the hyperlinks in each of the company name and paste to the excel worksheet.
Is it possible? If it is, could you instruct me how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

Check out this:
ipo-calendar.xaml (10,1 KB)

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it can be achieved while configuring the custom datascraping:

  • start Datascrapping Wizard
  • indicate first cell
  • click no for
  • configure first column (indicating firdt and second cell)
  • click on extract correlated data
    • indicate first cell Company column
    • configure:
  • click on extract correlated data
    • click on first link, second link, configure:

and so on

Kindly note to enhance the retrieved link withe base url info:
retrieved: market-activity/ipos/overview?dealId=1139176-95261
base url:

For Filling up / Composing BaseURL and URL we can do it without any for each and column updates:

  • define an addtional Datacolumn: Name: BaseURL, DEFAULTVALUE: the base URL

  • Add an additional Datacolumn: Name: “FullUrl”

  • Define an Expression (Compution Rule) for Full URL Column:


After this with a

ExtractDataTableVar.DefaultView().toTable(False,{"Symbol", "Company Name", "FullUrl",..... All other Columns to keep})

the helper columns URL, BaseUrl can be easily removed.

The described approach is a variation of Thomas’ suggestion. Feel free to combine both of it


Upcoming IPO_EG.xaml (35.3 KB)

Thank you so much for your detailed instruction.
I have tried to apply your way, but the output (excel worksheet) only contains the table I extracted in earlier steps of the sequence (Please find the attached).

Am I missing something? Please have a look at the attached xaml file and tell me where I am not doing right :pray:

You would to modify the the extract table data (recommendation: do it on a new blank sequeunce xaml and copy paste it later to integrate it into your original xaml).

Currently the extraction is fetching the entire data without any customization.
A custom fatascrapping is needed as described above:

  • grafik
  • click nein( means No) and continue with the wizard

Upcoming IPO_VER2_EG.xaml (30.7 KB)

I could add the column with retrieved URL, but still cannot add the base URL.
Could you exactly point out the errors or issues my xaml has?