Extract table data from a list of website from an excel sheeting containing the hyperlinks

I have an excel spreadsheet containing different URLs (e.g row 1 : https://abc.com, row 2: https://xyz.com). What i want is to be able to open the website and extract the table data from these websites. I was able to use uipath to open the website but when using data scrapping, it does not allow me to extract the table data automatically based on the website drawn from the excel.
If i keyed in the static website address n the open browser apps, it allow me to extract the table data but if i open the the website based on the extracted data from the excel one at a time, it does not allow me to extract the table data. May i know how do i extract table data based on the ur links extracted from the excel?

Is there any difference in the URL in these 2 scenarios?

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Can you please share what error is logged exactly? Also can you please try updating the packages to the latest ones from “Manage Packages” option?


Hi @chuapm - is it showing any error? If possible please share the screenshot here

The 2 url are different students’ data drawn from 2 different subject sites.

You said when you keyed in the static website address you were able to extract the table but when you fetched from excel you were not able to .Can you print both and check if there is any difference?

Sorry, what i meant is that if i fetched the url from excel, it can only extract the table from the 1st row but not the 2nd one and so on. (note, the excel sheets contains a list of url. To simply, i just list only 2).
Or anyone could just show me how to extract tables drawing Urls from an excel sheet?
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read the excel to convert it to datatable and loop through each row in the excel using for each row activity to get each url in the excel

static website - work:

Url draw from excel doesn’t work:

Can only extract table from the 1st Url but not the table from the next Url. Was able to go the the next Url.

Apologies to colored out the url due to data protection.

is the selector valid?

sorry, I new to Uipath. What do u mean ‘selector valid’? Which selector are u referring to ?
Note, I’m using BalaRev.Easy Excel.Activities to extract the hyperlink.

When i use the Table extraction function, i need to manually go to the first url to do the data scrapping. (Maybe that’s why it work only for the first url) But the format is the same for the next Url.

if you go to the properties for extract table data you will be able to see the selector. The table selector will be different for different websites and if you want to use a common one may be you should make it dynamic.

how to make it dynamic?

Check if this is possible otherwise you will have to use separate selectors for each website

Hello @chuapm

You can run in debug mode and check in which activity it is failing. Also please share the error which you you are getting .