Extract a few sentences from a webpage to an existing excel file

I extracted a table data and set an auto-save in excel file.

In the next step, I would like to add 2 new columns in the excel file (indicated in red) and extract 2 types of information from the same website.

To get those information, I need to click the company name one by one

And 2 screen captures below are the 2 types of information I would like to add onto the worksheet.

(Only the first LeadUnderwriter)

(extract the first 5 sentences)

Could anyone give me advice what activities to use?

get attribute activity would work here perfectly for your case.

I would add to data table before exporting to excel. You can loop the data table and find the right info on the site, add to data table then export.

I will try that, thank you!

I need to get data from each of the external links(company names’ hyperlink).
In that case, can the data I extracted go to the right row? (e.g. Bumble Inc’s Lead Underwriter to be on H2 and Company Description on I2)
Also, the hyperlink name(company name) changes every time I use the RPA. Would the method that you recommended still work?