Error while uploading file from local to FTP folder

I am automating a process using RE Framework. In the Process part, I have written a process which will connect with SFTP and upload a file from the local folder to a folder present on SFTP. For the first transaction, it works well. It connects to SFTP and uploads the file from local to sftp folder. But for the next transaction it connects to sftp and gives error “Upload Files: One or More Error Occured” while uploading the file. The activity I am using to upload the file is UiPath.FTP.Activities.UploadFiles. Please find below screenshot of my activity.

Hi @sandyk,

As you told it work fine for the first transaction because of it open FTP session but end of that transaction it still open and in your second transaction try to open FTP session again that already opened. so try open session in the beginning of the transaction and close that session end of the process of that transaction

Thanks for the quick reply. Could you please tell me how to close the session? I have searched for activity to close ftp session but i am not able to find it out.

Use With FTP Session activity

Hi, I am using same “With FTP Session activity”. You can have a look on screenshot attached by me. For second transaction it connect to SFTP successfully. But while uploading file it gives mentioned error.

Sorry I missed it. do you have any idea about the size of the file you are going to upload

Its very small. 2 KB

Hi Everyone,
I have same problem here right now. I think I must set the transfer mode to ACTIVE, but I don’t know how to do it in the activities, someone has already resolve this issue or has a workarround?

Thanks …

Uncheck the “Use SFTP” checkbox of WithFtpSession activity and try again.