Error Handling in StudioX - Repair My Robot

Errors are an important part of the life of anyone building robots and it might seem intimidating at first. How do you approach problem-solving when something doesn’t work on your machine?
Now it’s the time to make full use of the forum. Share your errors, post solutions, help your colleagues who go through the StudioX learning experience, and reflect back to all you learned so far.

For any technical question , please create a new topic in the StudioX category here .

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Great exercise. I was confident enough to review all the issues against the Robot Path and make the changes in one go. I made good use of the “Run to this Activity” and “Run from this Activity” to check what the Robot had done. Referring to the Output showed me exactly what had occurred.

The only unexpected outcome was spamming Sam. I meant to email myself. That was down to the Excel resource file, which I had copied and edited and not referenced back. So the Robot did what it was instructed to do.

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Great Exercise, In this I also tried the Compress Files option to make less emails

Brilliant! It gives more confidence after troubleshooting someone else’s project.

Most challenging exercise for me to date. I tried to do this without having to use outlook yet however I ended up buying outlook. The SMTP and Gmail protocols just didn’t work out. It is really great exercise that I will probably use often.

This is by far the hardest exercise I have encountered yet. Great exercise to test my skills! Ready to keep moving forward!


Instead of fixing the robot I tried to create it from the scratch. I tried to build with one of the month folder already created.
I had issues for if condition - not thinking to let the “else” branch blank…
After running the project I noticed that a folder “___” it is created and templates files are copied there.
I run the solution as well and i have seen the same result.
Is it the normal output of the project or is it an error?



To avoid creating a folder “__”? you should add just before checking the existance of the folder (Month), an “if” activity to check if CurrentRow (Month) is empty.

And I noticed that in the robot path we send the email after the loop “For each file” so we don’t have to nest “Use outlook” inside “For each file”. We can just send the two documents in one email by specifiying the folder that contains them in the attachments field, this way we would be respecting the robot path provided.

Thank you.

Great practice! Have to be very careful to check all the file path.

Hello everyone, I had a problem with an error that prevented me to copy the files into the folder created. It was an error that stated:

'We can’t open ‘C:\Users\guspaz\Documents\AMAZON\HR\TRAININGS\REPAIR_ROBOT_EXERCISE\~$Current E…’

Could somebody help me out please?
What this is happening?
How can I fix it?

Hi Gustavo,
I have kinda the same issue.
My path is being denied. What does it mean?

RemoteException wrapping System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘C:\Users\Alexander\Desktop\UI path\RPA Developer\Repair my Robot - Robot Path\Repair my Robot - Working Documents\Templates’ is denied.

can anyone help me out, please?

Thank you! I could not figure out the “_” but your solution makes sense. What I don’t understand is why dose the skip empty row property not do that for us in the “Excel For Each Row” action?

Neat exercise. I enjoyed looking for where I needed to make changes. This experience is right in line with work I’ve done with others’ Excel VBA work.

I did notice that Outlook was the only option for this module.

I should use Xml Conversation tool for converting any technology to XML using Xamarin or sop or thinking Most challenging exercise for me to date. I tried to do this without having to use outlook yet however I ended up buying outlook. The SMTP and Gmail protocols just didn’t work out. It is really great exercise that I will probably use often

How do you enable a read only file?

Best Using View permeation only; using Role in orcastrator you can do this thing select only view permission.
find both examples.


in studio

Excel Application Scope


  • Read-only - Opens the specified workbook in Read-Only mode. Selecting this check box enables you to perform data extraction operations in an Excel file which is locked for editing or has an edit password. By default, this check box is not selected.

in .net
Set the [TextBox] control’s [ReadOnly] property to true

A very common error is the routes, usually we forget to define the correct route or create the files that we are going to use in them, in my opinion this error is very easy to detect when we follow the advice that this course gives us, such as commenting and renaming activities as automation progresses

Skip empty row property of “Excel For Each Row” did not work because the empty rows are not actually empty. Only the first four columns (A,B,C,D) of the row are empty but the fifth column (E) is still populated with ‘Training Coordinator’ email address ( That is why those rows are also processed during automation.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Managed to troubleshoot most of it except for the email part where I get bounced back emails.
removing the ’ ’ also did not help. Strange

This module opened up my mind to more complex automation, I love I can add routines, and log/show errors