How to Handle Errors in StudioX - Practice - Training Admin Assistant

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I DID IT. :muscle:
Firstly, I manually scrutinized each activity of the project, and noticed two major errors myself:

  1. The location of the files. I reconfigured it based on the corresponding location on my system.
  2. The errors with the Outlook Email activities. The outlook resource and Email activity are supposed to be placed within the “For Each Excel Row” activity since the email is meant to be sent in reference to the Training Coordinator column within the Event Table.
    Afterwards, I Analyzed the project using the Analyze tool and no error was found. The project run successfully.

I guess the Analyze wasn’t really needed with a thorough manual scrutiny of the project since this is a small one.
Thank you, UiPath

I felt some difficulties but finally understood the explained problem.

Although I definitely had to ‘educate myself with the answer’ (honestly it’s the best way that I learn) I was able to determine the fixes using self-inspection, the Analyze function, and reverse engineering from the solution .zip.

A few issues I had encountered:

  1. Location matters - I had to copy/paste the Events_list.xlsx file into the correct project folder pathway; usually how I nest my projects it will contain the supplemental .xlsx inherently. For some reason it felt like the tutorial’s .zip folder nested differently than usual, which is fine because that’s a ‘real world’ troubleshooting scenario.

  2. Context matters - the Use Excel activity was not pointed to an accurate file. Had to correct Event_List.xlsx to Events_list.xlsx provided in the .zip folder. Tricky tricky.

  3. Iteration nesting matters - Up until now I hadn’t connected how an iteration is nestled is what triggers the “Current Row” option to appear subsequently. In retrospect it makes a ton of sense. If you haven’t made the connection yet between how/where an iteration is nestled (e.g., Outlook activity was not nestled within the earlier Excel activities) and Current Row functionality then this may trip you up. When I was searching for docs on the topic I didn’t see a ton of info on it - perhaps because it’s such a core (but somewhat abstract) concept. Perhaps I wasn’t using the right search terms, or the concept is nestled in a different subject.

For those who are struggling with this exercise, I strongly suggest having the Robot path open and using the solution’s .zip to perform a detailed side-by-side comparison.

Kudos to UiPath training - this is the type of module that connects the dots for me, even in the face of no video in the practice. Confidence building, for sure!

please please update your legacy project files to newer ones, I cant use the files and have to recreate everything:(

The new file name is giving me an error with the qty of characters. Is the robot path file name correct or should something be edited.
The error I get is:

Hello! Mine sent an email with my email address in the body and nothing else. What did I do wrong?

Completed this task… Thanks UiPath…

I really tried by myself but did not make it.

Why my filter does not work? “The range to be filtered cannot overlap any tables” even I did look from solution to go advanced filter and choose from there “is not empty” and “None”

Here are two possibilities:

  • Check the source and the column name in the Filter Excel Rows Activity.
  • Check if the correct Excel File is being referenced by the Use Excel File activity.


Definitely helps to download the solution and do a side by side.

I keep running into an error saying that the ‘currentrow’ is not declared and inaccessible due to the the protection level. I am not quite sure how I am supposed to go about this

Hi there,

   It appears as though you did not select via the plus button.  Your Subject should be as follows:  


   For the attachments:


   Please also note that your Outlook resource should be nested.


I dig the best practices section the most.