Error Handling in StudioX - Repair My Robot

In order to overcome the _ Folder issue, you may consider to use an IF function to check for _folder and proceed to delete folder then use a skip current function to trigger the next current line.

Just a quick dirty fix but I believe there is a better way to manage this.

Hi guys, can someone help with a question, after " For each excel row" → in the action “Folder exists” we have “Folder path” when we choose the path and in the example we can choose from the folder and then it seems that we can also indicate from excel, well in my studio x i cannot do this action, nor in the line below where it says “Save results” i cannot input the text “folder exist” i just have to pick from excel. can someone help me with this topic ? thanks

Hey Alex, was there an option under the “Folder Exists” activity to “Save Result for Later Use”? The option to input the text folder exists under this instead of the usual test property that we use to input text. Hope I understood your question correctly:

Besides that, I spent wayyyy too long on this exercise before finally realizing it was an incorrect file path issue. I’m glad I can better understand the error messages and where it points to now.

Hi Sarah, no, didn’ t have that option, it didn’t show me that option. I tried some other ways that i saw in the forum still didn’t work. Thank you.

This one challenged me a little , i found myself stuck at times but i was able to figure it out. after you get use to looking through the output. i was able to fix the example