Error Handling in StudioX - Repair My Robot

In order to overcome the _ Folder issue, you may consider to use an IF function to check for _folder and proceed to delete folder then use a skip current function to trigger the next current line.

Just a quick dirty fix but I believe there is a better way to manage this.

Hi guys, can someone help with a question, after " For each excel row" → in the action “Folder exists” we have “Folder path” when we choose the path and in the example we can choose from the folder and then it seems that we can also indicate from excel, well in my studio x i cannot do this action, nor in the line below where it says “Save results” i cannot input the text “folder exist” i just have to pick from excel. can someone help me with this topic ? thanks

Hey Alex, was there an option under the “Folder Exists” activity to “Save Result for Later Use”? The option to input the text folder exists under this instead of the usual test property that we use to input text. Hope I understood your question correctly:

Besides that, I spent wayyyy too long on this exercise before finally realizing it was an incorrect file path issue. I’m glad I can better understand the error messages and where it points to now.

Hi Sarah, no, didn’ t have that option, it didn’t show me that option. I tried some other ways that i saw in the forum still didn’t work. Thank you.

This one challenged me a little , i found myself stuck at times but i was able to figure it out. after you get use to looking through the output. i was able to fix the example

Troubleshooting is a big part of learning to use UiPath. It’s good that this content is included in the CDF Learning Plan. Ongoing error troubleshooting exercises, like those included in this module, may also add value with pairs or small groups. This is especially true for organizations where there are multiple new learners starting their CD journey at once.

(Quick Side Note: One of the web resource links is broken the message returned is " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.")

I thought it was a difficult challenge but I learned a lot and will use these features going forward.

I could not complete this challenge because I do not have an outlook account. So, I thought I would switch out the use outlook with use gmail, but that option is not available. As someone responded earlier, they recreated the steps from scratch, which is what I will do and then use gmail. Please recreate this challenge and allow users to switch to use gmail.

Several mistakes to correct, but interesting exercise.

I had a hard time detecting the error in the Send Email event, it must be very precise

I don’t know how to use the outlook account, because is the second exercise that I do and I need to use outlook and every time it not give any error but in the same time it doesn’t send any email. It shows me that everything run successful but it doesn’t send any Email. I don’t know what to do?

Had to track down all the paths but the error messages made if much easier. I hope you guys don’t mind getting all those emails.

The files that are sent out do not open - shown corrupted, rest works as designed.

Kind of a fun exercise

If you get stuck, check out string interpolation in C# or VBscript to get an idea of how the file fetching is being called.

Also make sure you check the location and names of any files that are not dynamically produced.

Good luck! You got this.

It’s a bit challenging for me to figure out the folder name it’s looking for that did not exist. I checked the folder, and it did exist.

its a great challenge!

I absolutely loved this exercise, and ended up inadvertently adding more errors, as I changed the folder location, and failed to update it everywhere :smile:

However, I also feel that it’s a failure that it makes a folder called “_” and sends out e-mails where the cells are blank, so I fixed that with a few IF statements, which isn’t pretty, but works.

The downloadable solution still has this flaw, and it also sends out each file separately, whereas the original erroneous project sent out the e-mails with both files attached.

This is a course from 2020, it is 2023. This course should be retired by now; many of the dependencies are no longer compatible with the current version and need to reset manually.

Not sure if the spelling error was intentional, but we were encouraged to “Share your thoughs”, not “Share your thoughts.”

Hi guys,
I was kinda able to complete the challenge but I am getting a mistake when it comes to sending an email. It says that the folder or a file doesn’t exists while they do. I tried different ways to attach the file or the folder but it still doesnt work. The email can be send but without an attachment as soon as I am editing the attachment I get this error. Anyone can help how to solve it?