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I am trying to do the Orchestrator training but I’m not able to connect my robot to the orchestrator Does this orchestrator works with real licenses or we should be able to add at least 1 robot for the purpose of training? I get on the orchestrator an “Community License” but I have an studio and 1 robot attended license.

Anyway, I added an machine so I could got the key to the robot but then I can’t create an standard robot because I got the following error:

“No avaible licenses: the number of new machines slots would exceed the total license count (#1916)”.

Also when I try to create an Floating robot I got the error: “No more Attended robots available. Please Update your license”.

I would appreciate some help. Thank you!

Hello @Insignia8,

Hope this could help you:

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Hi @Insignia8
when you are creating robot there is one field environment type , make sure you have selected development there if it is something else then you will get that license error

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