No license available in cloud orchestrator

I have some problems with licensing in my cloud orchestrator.

It says that I have 0/2 robots in use on the licensing page:

However! When I go to the configure license page it says the following:

It is the same in orcehstrator:

I have seen a similar topic to this one ( Can’t use Community Licence Orchestrator licensed robots - Manage / Orchestrator - UiPath Community Forum), but this does not seem to be the case - I can’t create any kind of robot because I am missing a license.

I tried creating a new uipath user, and there it doesn’t have any problems at all.

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Hi @hl8z


You can edit 0 to 1 in unattended runtime and save it and re login to orchestrator.


No, I cannot. It also says in the picture that I have no avaliable licenses.

Hi @hl8z
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According to your First Image, if you have province those license its should be indicated,
Also as your second image, it does not display means(should display 2 available) that there may be some issue.
Please contact technical support
let me tag one of uipath staff will help you

Hi @loginerror Your valuable support required here :sunglasses: :innocent:

Hi @hl8z

Could you contact our Cloud Support? If there is a configuration issue, they will be able to help you out.

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I can’t do that since I am on a community cloud.

Hi @hl8z

Can you please go to your cloud account - Organization Settings - Support ID and provide us the support ID number so we can investigate?

There you have it: 0481-2792-9049-5627

Hi @Forum_Staff. I have the same issue: I can only add a single Attendend robot to my tenant (Studio and Unattended does not work). Also I have deleted and created the tenant again, and the problem persists. It seems that there is something with my account.

According to cloud support, I can not create since I have a community account. Can you check this Support ID? 5458-3490-9379-1478