Community edition of uipath robot and orchestrator

Can we get community edition of uipath robot and uipath orchestrator?

If yes then plz share me the link to download.

You can apply for Community Edition here -

They will send you download link. After that you will have to use

To login into Orchestrator, this would allow you two Development robots and use of Orchestrator must be limited to training and testing purpose

Thanks you.

In short, there is only studio is available for free. Robot and orchestrator are not available as a free community edition for learning purpose.

Correct ?

Orchestrator and two development robots available


I am in Community edition 2018.2.3.
I am able to see the UiRobot.exe in “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.2.3”.
I ran the UiRobot.exe once.
I am trying provision my robot with the Orchestrator, but the UiRobot icon is not showing up in the system tray.

Any input is much appreciated.

Thanks !!!

Go to start n try to search uipath robot.

U will get that exe. Just double click on it. Then u will get robot icon in sys tray.


I am trying to download community edition(stand alone application) of uipath Orchestrator? Is there one available.

I don’t want to give my LAPTOPs userid and PASSWORD to UIPATH;s CLOUD SITE.

Hi @visajagan

For Orchestrator Community Edition we offer it hosted by UiPath. For the standalone version, you can request a trial version which will provide you with an installer for our entire platform.

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Good morning @PrankurJoshi.

I already have 2 robots installed on the Orchestrator, and at this moment I’m trying to create the third robot in Orchestrator from Community Edition, but appears the following message. Acorrding to the website from UiPath, it’s possible to create 3 robots, isn’t it?!

Or the third robot is considering the login in Orchestrator?!

I guess you are using community edition in which you are only allowed to have these much

Go to license tab in Orchestrator and see how many developments robot you have got




So I conclude that it is only possible to have 2 robots installed, alright?!

I can’t create any other type of robot, since I have already created, for example, 2 development robots ? Please, see image bellow.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @CAE_User

You will be able to create 2 development robots, 2 attended robots and 1 unattended robot. If you select the type of the robot that you still have available here, you won’t have any issue:

Please refer to the licencing tab in either your cloud account or in our Orcehstrator instance for the current license status.

Hi, dear @loginerror !

Good afternoon.

As you mentioned, I also checked these options on my Community license. That’s why I find it strange, why can not I create more robots?

Anyway, I tried to change the type of robot, as mentioned too, but the error persists, as shown below. You’ll se a print with the two possibilities of creation and the errors.

Thanks a lot!

Could you post two screenshots for me?

  1. Screenshot of the home page of your Orchestrator
  2. Screenshot from the license page of your Orchestrator (it is accessible top-right under your username)

Good morning @loginerror.
As requested, see prints below:

Hi @CAE_User

Strange. Could you still see if this page from your Cloud account looks the same:

Hi @loginerror!

I checked this page and then I identified the error. I needed to add the services of the other robots.

Now it’s working, I even created the third robot.

Thanks a lot for the support!


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I have a question if I use CE version I have access to 1 unattended 2 Dev and 2 attended bots. If my team member in my org also install uipath will they have access to other 5 bots?

Sorry I am new to rpa world and trying to understand difference between CE and Enterprise version. If my company needs configuration of just 1-2 bots per needs, then can that be leveraged using community edition?


Hi @gagan1

Please refer to the agreement :slight_smile:

It states that:

The Community Account allows individuals and SMB to use the UiPath Platform for their direct business purposes, and LB only to evaluate its suitability for their internal business requirements and for non-profit purposes (such as education, hackathons, individual or institutional research, trainings, private demonstrations of UiPath’s software).

This, together with the definition of a SMB should make things clear:

Customer means (i) an individual, (ii) a “ Small-to-Medium Business ” or “ SMB ” meaning an organization, that, together with its Affiliates, collectively have (a) less than 250 machines (physical or virtual) or users and (b) less than, or the equivalent of, USD 5 (five) million in annual revenues, or (iii) “ Large Business ” or “ LB ” meaning an organization that, together with its Affiliates, collectively exceed the limitations set herein for an SMB.

Thus, if your company is small, you can use the Community Cloud account for actual business purpose :slight_smile:

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hi all, I have a question regarding the latest UIPath studio and robot for community user.
I was trying to install the latest studio version for community user from uipath resource center.
I am able to setup studio, but how/from where to download the robot.
When i was using 2018.4.6 version it was as a package which was Studio+Bot, but same is not for latest one.
Can you please guide me how to get robot for latest studio version from uipath resource center