Edge & Chrome Extensions

Hello There,

I require urgent assistance with the extensions for Edge & Chrome.
I have downloaded both the extensions via below links…

However I still receive below errors prompts…

Since IE browser will no more supported by MS i need to migrate my current workflow into Edge & Chrome need urgent help as its impacting current tasks that were built on IE browser.
I am using studio community version 2022.4.1

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Hi @hiral.denny ,

You can directly download chrome and edge extension from studio , itself


Already did that still uipath prompt the same error.

is there a specific setup required.

Hi @hiral.denny ,

Can you also verfiy in chrome whether the extension is enabled

Same in case of edge browser

Ok i checked it… don’t see Uipath, How do I get it?
can you share the link please ?

Hello @hiral.denny ,

Please refer to the below doc.

i dont have “UiPathStudio.msi installer.” and cant find below settings :frowning:

Please advise how to download .msi installer …

Hi @hiral.denny ,

Can you try uninstall the extension in the tools menu and try to install the extension.
at that time in google chrome it will prompt as Add to chrome.

Enable Chrome and Edge Extension in UiPath studio and then Enable extension in both browser

Tried uninstall & reinstalling no prompt received.
I believe the extension needs to be whitelisted by my admin… is it ?

It seems that’s the case

You can refer the below link for more details

Please urgently advise where to find Uipath Wed Automation extension for Edge? cant find it in the Edge store ?

Also please help how do i get to this page… using community version …

Hi @hiral.denny ,

You can find different ways to install edge extensions in the below link

i have already checked this none of this works :frowning: , I have shared snap shots it says uninstall under tools extensions … but keeps throwing back error while capturing any screens on Edge.

this link has Edge Chromium extension however I am using a 3rd party application and for which the requirement is to use Edge in IE compatible mode… is there specific extension for the same?

Is the necessary extensions are white listed as per the group plicy

Chrome Extension is now whitelisted and i have down loaded it
However i am still looking for an extension that will work on edge with IE compatible mode !!!

Hello There… any suggestions on what extension is required for edge in IR compatibility mode

Any suggestions on the extension for edge in IE compatibility mode please !!

Hi Hiral,

It seems we only have this plug in for edge

Oh… that’s too bad :frowning: As system keeps throwing missing edge extension error for my application which is in IE compatible mode.

Do you have any workaround i can use? i have about 8-10 process/tasks built today via Uipath and after IE migration all of this might stop working :expressionless:
Would appreciate Any suggestion if you or anybody might have !!!