UiPath extension for Microsoft Edge browser

How to download and setup UiPath extension for Microsoft Edge browser directly from web browser without the presence and intervention of UiPath studio in the system?

Check the available options from here Studio - Extension for Microsoft Edge (uipath.com)


UiPath Browser Automation 23.4 - Microsoft Edge Addons

Thanks a lot @marian.platonov for your inputs. Could you please share the similar links for Chrome and Firefox if possible.

Rama Krishna Dokina

Dear @marian.platonov ,

Thanks for the information. Could you please brief how to get the extension of required version. Or else could you please share UiPath MS Edge extension for 2021.10.0 version.


You can download it using studio as well:

I do not have UiPath installed in the system for this, but need UiPath MS Edge extension to be installed in the system.

Did you check this?

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