Edge & Chrome Extensions


Any suggestions ?

Hello @hiral.denny

I think you created the script in IE and you need to migrate the scripts to chrome.
plz correct if i’m wrong.

If above one is correct, can you share a screenshot of the selector used in the Application scope.
Else plz direct me to the correct requirement.

Hello Rahul thanks for your revert i have been waiting for some response.
Script was created in IE, and now i want to use the same on Edge browser in IE compatible mode. Since Microsoft will be decommissioning IE our third party application which is a core app for day to day work is not been accessible via Edge in IE compatible mode and i have checked several articles and responses there is no information on what extension is to be downloaded for Uipath to work with EDGE in IE compatible mode !!!

Really appreciate if you can suggest some solution else all the current BOTs will be of no use.
Chrome issue was just one bot and thats resolved.

@hiral.denny Can you check the browser conversion tool to change from IE to Edge.

@hiral.denny Can you please re install once. and provide extension.

@hiral.denny Can please Reinstall ? and Provide Extension May be it will be work. Otherwise you can Ping me in Skype. Then we can arrange a meeting here mentioned my id

@sivaprasad.as - I tried reinstalling several times. Doesnt work and throws back same error as posted earlier