Not able to add extension for edge chromium

I am trying to add extension for Ms edge which is of latest version (chromium based) from studio but not able to get the add extension popup in browser as well as not able to find any elements. The UiPATH version i am using is 2019.10.4. Please do help me to rectify this issue.

I had this issue. The solution was as follows:
You have to deinstall the extensions.
And then install Chrome extension first. And then the edge extension.
It should works also on your computer.

Hi @Pragati_Baghel ,
1.Open uipath studio
2.Click on Tools
3.Click on Edge
4. Now open Ms Edge
5. You will see the popup on Edge
6. if not Reopen the studio.
7. or else update the browser.

hope this will help you


Thank you for the reply. I have tried this but didn’t worked for me. Is it because of firewall or the browser and UiPATH are not compatible?