Unable to communicate with chrome and Microsoft edge


Unable to automate using chrome and Microsoft edge,
able to automate only via Internet Explore but some of the web page activity are not support by IE.
I tried to enable the extension for both chrome and edge unable to do that.
for chrome if i click the extension am getting an error as “Error #4 installation Failed”
uipath version: studio 2020.3.0 -beta 84
community license .
Please help me to resolve this.

Hi @vaish,

Please try adding extension from the below link:

Compare the minimum versions of Chrome, edge required to interact with UiPath application with the version which you have currently installed.
Hope this solves your issue!

hi @vaish

check this one…

Ensure your Firefox or Chrome is 32-bit as UiPath is 32-bit.

Hi @vaish

Uninstall Uipath community edition completely and reinstall latest version and add chrome and edge extension at the time of installation


with that link i enabled the extension still am facing a issue ,i have attached the screenshot of chrome version and uipath web automation extension .

will uipath support only 32-bit?

Using the 32-bit version of Chrome might solve your issue. It did for me a while back.

UiPath is a 32-bit application and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The decision to let go of the 64-bit version was made carefully by the UiPath developers. See UiPath Out of Memory for more information

Okay then i will check and update.
Thanks for your reply

Hi Guys,

The both 64bit and 32bit Chrome works in 32bit Studio that’s not an issue.

Hi @vaish

This is community version or Enterprise edition?
Any error message or pls explain the issue