Does a UiPath Studio License include a single attended robot license?



Hi, I am wondering, if we purchase a single UiPath Studio license, would we still need to purchase an attended robot license also to run the developed processes, or is studio sufficient?

Do we only need attended robot licenses for additional workstations running the new process (without Studio)?

Thanks for any advice


Hi Andy,

You cannot have two active license codes on a machine.

So in your case, if you have both Studio and Robot on a machine, you will license Studio and the Robot will act as Attended. If you install only Robots on other machines, you will need to have licenses for all of them. This is for the case when the Robots are not connected to Orchestrator.

If you connect the Robots to Orchestrator, you will generate the license file and upload it to Orchestrator and in the License tab there will be the number of your Attended Robots, so you wouldn’t need to license every Robot separately.


Thanks @ovi for the response.

If that is the case, how does the ‘Node lock’ Studio license work, where each authorised users requires a separate license?

Many thanks