Which license is suitable for my process scenario?

My process will be run in a server which has several virtual machines, I suppose there will be two options for me:

  1. The attended robot (single user) activate for each virtual machine, which means I need to purchase several attended robot license since the daily transaction volume is quite huge, we need several robot to deal with it.
  2. The attended robot (node locked) activate for this server, no matter how many virtual machines create in this server, I only need to purchase 1 attended robot license (node locked) is enough. but somehow I heard that attended robot(node locked) license is not able to support two virtual machines running the robot at the same time, which means it’s not able to perform process in parallel. kindly let me know if my understanding is wrong.

My client has decided not to buy the orchestrator from cost prospective, so my only choice will be attended license with a stand along server to perform the process. But please do let me know which one is the correct license for my process scenario?

Thanks so much.

Hi Joey,

For Attended there is only the single user (Named user) licensing model. Please check the details here and if you have any questions afterwards come back here to clear things out.


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Sorry, i am still confused about the attended robot(node locked) license and need your assistance. Since I have a quotation from Uipath’s re-seller. there’s not a license call node-locked.

Could you please just simple confirm whether it’s applicable to the following scheme?

5 Different user connect by RDP to a server with their own credentials, then start their own process(robot). My client doesn’t want to by orchestrator, which means I cannot use unattended license for this process. So, do I need to buy 5 attended single user license, or buy 1 attended node-locked license for this case?

Kindly advice. Thanks.

@ovi Would you please help? thanks.

Our clients and our company is having the same scenario and we would like a clarification about this topic.

Well, ok, though we try to get rid of standalone licenses.

Commercially you need to buy 5 user licenses. Commercially you are not allow to use a node-locked license for multiple users simultaneously. Technically speaking all licenses without Orchestrator are Node-Locked.

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