Queries on UiPath License

Hello All,
I have few queires on the License part, hope some of you can clarify my doubts-

  1. If I purchase Studio License (Node Locked) - Install it over a server, does multiple users can access the same License for development activities at the same time?
    a) If Yes, what is the limitation on number of users?
    b) If Not, could you please tell me an alternative OR with one License only one user can work at a time?

  2. If I need to install my Attended Robot on Cloud (VMs), which would be recommendable, if I need to execute multiple processes -
    a) Attended Named User OR
    b) Attended Concurrent User

Assume that there is no Orchestrator available.

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If anyone from @UiPath , can answer my queries?

Hi @ASinha

  1. You can install your Node Locked Studio license on the server. The amount of simultaneous Studio runs for all users will depend on the number of licenses assigned to your license code. You can only run as many simultaneous Studio’s as you have purchased runtimes within your Node Locked license.

  2. Both options would work in this scenario, but Attended Concurrent License is only available with Orchestrator. Thus, you will want to use Attended Named User licenses.