Standalone Studio comes with a "Development" or an "Attended" robot?


I want to deploy a UiPath Studio Enterprise version for next project for development and testing.
The environment does not contain a Orchestrator.

From here it says if I active Studio, the robot will act as “Attended”.
However, from the Studio Doc it says “Attended Robot” does not allow editing in the Licensing through Orchestrator section…

It is confusing whether I can edit and debug if I have a standalone studio on one machine.

Please help to clarify.


From what I experienced, Studio comes with a dev robot, which can act like both Attended and Unattended - that is you can start the run from Studio (which in practice starts a robot that acts like the Attended one), from Tray like with Attended, but also from Orchestrator and cmd like the Unattended.
In essence from technical perspective, to the best of my knowledge which is up to 18.4, Development robot can act in all combinations since you need to be able to develop and test all of them.

Or in other words - Development license activates fully Studio AND a robot (they are separate things).

Studio itself can be activated with other licenses, but it will have limited functionality and that is just for debugging scenarios mostly.

Please note that from licensing perspective they have different constraints, f.e. Dev cannot be used for running production etc.

But I might be wrong, so please verify with Uipath directly if in doubt.