Question about named user license

I want to ask about named user license

So I want to purchase named user license, is it possible to use this named user to 2 different computer?
For example at morning I use my work pc to run the first job, at evening/night i use my personal laptop to run the second jobs

Thank you in advance

Hi @Fauzan_Marantama
Named user license for Attended Robot and Studio can be used on multiple machines as long as those installations are associated to the same user. However, you can only have one active Studio or Robot at any point in time.

Does I need orchestrator to make a floating robot or without orchestrator i can still change my machine with only one attended robot license?

The named user license for Standalone Studio/Robot can also be activated on multiple machines as long as the license is activated using the same Windows login.

I See using the same windows login

Then if I use orchestrator/cloud service, it is possible to make the robot license floating right?
in this situation we can install it in multiple machine with different windows login?

Hi @Fauzan_Marantama
UiPath Studio and Attended Robot are sold primarily using named user licensing. So we don’t necessarily track how many machines are being used to perform RPA development or attended robot execution but instead track how many users are doing development and how many users are consuming the automation.

My suggestion is to speak to your UiPath Sales Rep to discuss about licensing approach might be different for your organisation.