Robot license key

I am wondering, if we purchase a single UiPath Studio license, would we still need to purchase an attended robot license also to run the developed processes, or is studio sufficient?

Do we only need attended robot licenses for additional workstations running the new process (without Studio)?

Thanks for any advice
Camilla :slight_smile:

Yes you would need an attended license set up through Orchestrator if you wanted to use it that way. You could run the process through Studio on that machine but it wouldn’t be handled by Orchestrator without a license.

About Licensing


Thank you so much @mwsupra.
The client for which I am working has purchased these products:
UiPath - Studio - Node Locked
UiPath - Attended Robot -Named User
How to retrieve the codes of the Robot UiPath on the machines?
Thank you so much,
Cami :slight_smile:

Hey I’m just looking for the mobile licenses key for forex