Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions - Remote VM Issue

Hi All,

I have UiPath application in remote desktop (VM). I am using windows scheduler to run the bot.
When the remote desktop is open automation (web) works fine. But when I minimize the remote or close the remote VM, I am getting error “Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions”.

I found in the forum that adding some parameter in local computer registry will resolve the issue.
I would like to know if there is any other method to resolve this issue. Please help.

Bejoy S Krishnan


Hi Bejoy,

Check this post for details regarding the error:

“We recommend to sign off all the users from the Robot machines before executing a job.” -> you coud also try this.

But it order to avoid this error, our QA team found this workaround to modify the registry.

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I’ve been using a workaround this whole time, which is don’t minimize or close your RDP window while a job is running on that session. So, in other words, I just bring focus to another window and leave it in the background and works fine.

If there is a registry fix for what seems to be a feature of Remove Connection (not UiPath), I would like to know as well.

Oh, and there is a way to activate multiple sessions per user, but I don’t recommend this solution because any time a session is logged in and you try to access that session, it creates a completely new session instead.