Orchestrator RDP erro

Hi everybody,

i have a promblem starting a job from orchestrator on unattended robot (i’ve tried on 3 different robot).
If i start the job from studio it works successfully, but if i start the same project by my orchestrator i have the following error

“Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI action”

this is the screenshot of the error

what can i do?

Hi @Corrado_Lanino_IT,
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Can you describe a little the process in workflow? As I understand your robot is using RDP connection to remote machine to perform the task. Am I right?

Hi @Pablito,

i don’t use RDP in my workflow, i serach some data in a web app. The RDP is the way that orchestrator use to connect to the unattended robot, or maybe i think so.
As you can se in the log the robot Login to the app and then the error occurs.

Hmm it looks like something is throwing your robot out of the session. Please check what Event Viewer says about it. Are you able also to check what’s happening on machine during robot task through VMware or any other console (I don’t know how your machines are provisioned)?

Hi @Corrado_Lanino_IT

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First, is it an Enterprise or a Community Edition?

One way of trying to solve this issue would be to have a look over these threads:
All topics have a post marked as solution.

On top of it, if it is indeed the Community Edition .exe installer, then keep in mind that unattended automation directly from Orchestrator are not fully supported.