Deploying Project in UI Robot and triggering emails every 2 hours


I have completed my Project development (checking APIs and sending emails) in UiPath Studio.

I want to deploy the solution in UI Robot. What is the Process and how can I do that?

I also need a solution to execute it as a Job, for example I want to send emails in every 2 hours. How can I do that? Please guide me.


Publish you code to orchestrator and create trigger for every 2 hrs to start this process.

Hi @Deepak_Andriod

Publish a process and Set time based trigger!

It will trigger for every two hours


Hi @Deepak_Andriod

Process represent the package version which you built in Studio.

When you publish your package, it will comes in package section in Tenant level.

Then in process page you can create new process with respect to uploaded package versions. So that it helps you to distribute packages across all users.

Then Trigger page helps you to schedule your process, here use Time trigger.


Trying different possible ways. I can see my process in Orchestrator and when i try to run it showing me the following error message
Couldn’t find any user with unattended robot permissions in the current folder. (#1671)

Please go through this thread, it may helps you.

Hi @Deepak_Andriod

As your trying to run the bot in unattended mode you need to edit the robot as Unattended!

Click on Robots —.Edit and try changing to Unattended !

Hope this helps you!


tried changing it still the same and i cant find the execution type in edit mode


As you are looking for multiple options on scheduling a bot

Try with this feature

For publishing to a orchestrator

For connecting attended bot in orchestrator

Cheers @Deepak_Andriod

tried everything and now i am getting a new message
The robots already have pending jobs for this Process (#1670)

Is there any other jobs running with the same bot
Pls check in orchestrator or UiPath assistant whether any other job is running with same bot

Cheers @Deepak_Andriod

Thanks for the info.
I just checked and i found 2 jobs running , now my question is how to kill these jobs?? I can see an option “Kill” but it is disabled. Please help me. But those are successful jobs…

Usually it can be stopped with a command and that command can be sent from Orchestrator , Assistant or Studio

Which one you have the access for now

Either we can directly get to the machine where the robot is running and close that bot from Task bar at the bottom of the screen


We need to have the access to kill or stop from orchestrator
Get to users and roles to provide the access


If you are using assistant you can see the bot running and aside to that you can see two options pause and kill

Cheers @Deepak_Andriod

PFA the screen shots of the Jobs in Orchestrator and in Assistant.
Kindly guide me how to stop or kill the process.

As per the screenshot it is available now
Bot is free
I can see play button enabled


if that’s the case why my process is not triggering anything?
Let me explain what I have done so far

  1. created a process in ui path studio
  2. published it
  3. opened the orchestrator and accessed orchestrator option on the menu
  4. got my work space and could view my process, published from studio
  5. created trigger straight away as per the suggestion provided by the members here.
  6. after creating trigger every minute i am getting the message “The robots already have pending jobs for this Process (#1670)”
  7. sorry forgot to mention that i didnot create a job, it was there by default.

Hi! @Deepak_Andriod ,

As i can see that the robot which you’re trying to run is Attended. Make sure that you need to change the job type to Attended and Unattended. or you can proceed with only unattended.


Are my above mentioned steps correct?

@Deepak_Andriod Yes, which you’ve mentioned is correct. Try to change the job type

How can I change the Job type?