Orchestrator issues Deployment URL and Publish



Hi @ovi

In UiPath community edition SetUp Menu Publish icon if i am hitting shows an dialog box see below,so were it actually stores the program i cannot understand and what happening there Actually ?

In Orchestrator : setting section Deployment menu Deployment URL : what i need to give there ?

I have created the my new robot after that how can i able to make the Status As “Available”
Can you please help me !!



**Below screenshot settings are not available for me : **

**my UiPath version 2018.1.3 [Community Edition] **
– In this it is Possible to do [Robot Active]?
– Schedule ?
– Job ?
– process ?



click on settings in robot tray right top corner,Then you can see the sreen


Hello @RaviDevaraj,

search process in orchestrator in process tab if you fail to find that then find it as below path,



after hitting Setting then scree looks like this :




Here only available my package folder …


@RaviDevaraj bot go to settings here


Hi @sreekanth
this settings not available for me

I am using UiPath Community Edition [2018.1.3.]



@RaviDevaraj i am also using same version,Press ctrl+L in studio and navigate to folder app-18.1.3.I that you’ll have uirobot.exe click on that


oh, ok
Then see the screenshot left corner all my hidden icons are shown there my UiPath icon is not there ?





Hi @sreekanth
Now it is available the uipath icon


Hi @sreekanth
I have given the Robot key and orchestrator url : Throws an error

see the below screenshot



Go to robots in orchestrator and verify the robot key and also machine name should be same as your machine name in control panel @RaviDevaraj Saw one of your previous screenshots,also you new need to create an environment in orchestrator for your robot


i have done and my robot is available

yes i was created the dev environment
In My process menu if i created the package name was “No Result found” ?



Now publish the package from studio and come back to orchestrator and type the package name and check @RaviDevaraj Try to check in the forum for your issue and then if you don’t find any solution,you can create a topic on that


Yes , it’s coming for me

If I am scheduling a process at certain time to run automatically throws an Error , see the Error screenshot below:



@RaviDevaraj First try to run it as a job,If it’s succesfully run then you can create a schedule.Let me know if the job is running succesfully or not.Also in the screenshot which you posted there is an error
undefined robot


Hi @sreekanth


to solve that what i need to do ? @sreekanth


You need to assign environment to your process and robot.Then when you run the job you’ll see the robot in table which you can run @RaviDevaraj


I Have DONE this @sreekanth

In Job Screen Start icon i click show asimage

below red Box Field are empty my robot need to load automatically Right !!