Cursor offset position

Hello i made a bot for a friend and it work well until a few days,
The click activities and type into activities, began to click in a diferent position, the web is the same, i think it can be because of screen resolution or something like that.
The thing is that the clicks have an offset, is there a way to change the offset values for all the clicks at once? or to change the bot to work on differrent screen resolutions?. How can i know in wich resolution the bot will work well? (i made the bot in her laptop long time ago, so i dont know in which resolution was the laptop when i made it)

the problem is like this I.e selector region moved up left side of element, but the bot uses google chrome instead

Hello @Ismael

I hope you have used normal click activities based on the selectors, if that is the case resolutions usually wont make any issues.

Can you check and confirm any recent updates happened to the studio or to the ui automation packages?

If happened to the Ui automation package , can you try upgrading or downgrading to a stable version and try executing again.