Click cursor position - different on different machines

Hi all,

I made an automation and am testing it to see if it will work on different computers. On my computer, it dynamically clicks a green ‘+’ sign that is next to a specific text. I did this using a find children and for each.

The problem is, on my machine It clicks the ‘+’ sign but on another machine it clicked just to the top left of it. Does anyone know how to fix this? I changed his cursor position to bottom right and now it works on his but not mine…Is there a way to move the cursor down and right but just a little bit? or any other way you can think of? Please see selector below:

Thank you!

Hi @Double-D

Check the screen resolution of both computers

Cheers :blush:

That seems weird to me. I would normally suggest using a Center position.

I’m not quite sure what would cause this since you are using element click, but you can slightly adjust cursor position using the OffsetX and OffsetY. You could play around with those like set them to 2 or something small at first to test.


@ClaytonM - Ok I will try that.

Multiple monitors are involved as each laptop is connected to a monitor - could this have an effect?

Maybe if it is running on Monitor #2, but I’m not sure. Resolutions and color depth can make a difference, but not normally for Element activities.