Click activity clicks out of the selector

Hi to everyone,

I have a problem with the click activity, both with and without Simulate Click. Once gave it the correct selector (and the highlight from studio can confirm it), sometimes after few days, weeks or months the robot can’t click in the right position. It clicks just a little bit out of the button, though from Debug it seems like the robot executes the activity correctly.

I tried to modify the cursor position, but after few times the situation not change.

Can someone help me? Do you ever had the same issue?

Thanks a lot

Hello @s.crimito

Welcome to Uipath forum…!

As you have mentioned, it was working earlier. Can you please confirm whether the resolution of the application is static? Also is there any recent upgrade happened to Uipath version or package version?

if yes, can you update\downgrade to a stable version and check again.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan, thanks for your answer.

I can confirm that the resolution of the website and screen is static, always the same. I have this problem with and also earlier the current update of UiPath (2022.4.3) with different bots. This even though I created the bot with the same version as when I run it after several days.

Can you share the screenshot of the button which you are trying to click and the selector of the element?