The elements are not in the coordenates they appear to be according to the UiExplorer


  • The UiExplorer shows a wrong position of the elements in screen
  • Regular clicks dont work because they aim to click any element as if they had an offset

This problem could be solvable if I used simulate click in all my project, it’s not a solution as to why does the UiExplorer doesn’t get the right coordenates of the elements on the screen.

Video example of the scenario:


Is the browser settings for zoom wet to default or 100% or is it increased or decreased?

Ideally it ahould be 100%

And is the scaling in display settings also set to 100%?


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In the end, the problem was that opening the machine via remote desktop was forcing a resolution against the inner/default resolution of the virtual machine.
It was trying to force my 1920x1080 res to the machine’s res of 1024x768
The way you can verify this is via the cmd in the remote machine with the following command “wmic path Win32_VideoController get CurrentHorizontalResolution,CurrentVerticalResolution”

The solution for now would be to open the remote desktop using the resolution found via the command; but a better solution would be to change the machine so it’s resolution becomes dynamic (That’s how it worked in the past)

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